Behind Company Lines

Behind Company Lines is a podcast that explores the stories that go on behind the scenes at some of the most exciting tech startups.

We explore origin stories of startups, how founders built their teams, and what's new in the hyper connected world of remote companies.

If you're running or thinking of starting a startup, this is the podcast for you. We give you a feel for what it's really like so you can learn and someday be on the show!



Episode 172: Paul Anthony, Founder & CEO of OpStart
Episode 171: Jonathan B Fishbeck, Founder & CEO of EstateSpace
Episode 170: Chao Cheng Shorland, Co-Founder & CEO of ShelterZoom
Episode 169: Antoine Castel, Co-Founder of MetaEngine
Episode 168: Dallas Griffin, Co-Founder of React
Episode 167: Maika Isogawa, Co-Founder & CEO of Webacy
Episode 166: Ashley Aydin, Principal of VamosVentures
Episode 165: Denise Thomas, COO of Cisco Meraki
Episode 164: Geng Wang, CEO & Co-founder of Civic Champs
Episode 163: Mark Lurie, CEO of Shipyard Software
Episode 162: Shawn Lipman, CEO of Feedonomics
Episode 161: Kenneth Landau, Co-founder & CEO of Mytaverse
Episode 160: Miles Everson, CEO of MBO Partners
Episode 159: Chris Kirsch, Co-Founder & CEO of runZero
Episode 158: Annafi Wahed, Founder & CEO of The Flip Side
Episode 157: Alex Yevlakhov, Chief Operating Officer of Jumbo Exchange
Episode 156: Layne Nadeau, Founder & CEO of
Episode 155: David Stange, Founder of Beachy
Episode 154: Killian Fjellbakk, Co-founder of Zario
Episode 153: Curtis Northcutt, CEO of Cleanlab
Episode 152: Olivia Pedersen, CEO of Sustaio
Episode 151: Eli Rubel, Founder & CEO of MatterMade
Episode 150: Andrew Headrick, Founder & CEO of Kavira Health
Episode 149: Alex Rappaport, CEO & Co-Founder of ZwitterCo, Inc.
Episode 148: Chelsey Roney, COO of Proxi
Episode 147: Eric Tang, Founder of Livepeer
Episode 146: Dan Manian, CEO & Co-founder of Donut
Episode 145: Caleb Avery, CEO & Founder of Tilled
Episode 144: Daniel Baraghoush, Founder of ArcadeQuest
Episode 143: Jean Smart, Founder & CEO of Penelope
Episode 142: Danny Nathan, CEO of Apollo 21
Episode 141: Pranav Buggana, Founder at Toohla Inc.
Episode 140: Rijul Gupta, CEO & Founder of DeepMedia
Episode 139: Ethan Castro, CTO of EDGE Sound Research
Episode 138: Or Weis, Co-founder & CEO at
Episode 137: Jeffrey Scholz, Founder of
Episode 136: Nick Jordan, CEO of Narrative I/O
Episode 135: Andrew Hoag, CEO & Founder of Teampay
Episode 134: Tobi Knaup, CEO & co-founder of D2iQ
Episode 133: Nick Durkin, Field CTO of
Episode 132: Diego Hoter, Co-founder & CEO at
Episode 131: Ritesh Raj, COO & Co-founder of CuddlyNest
Episode 130: David Heinemeier Hansson, Co-owner & CTO of 37signals
Episode 129: Devin Bandara, CEO at Nirvana Labs
Episode 128: Vivien Zhang, Founder & CEO of The Spot Room
Episode 127: Prasad Gundumogula, CEO of Mondee Inc.
Episode 126: Olliver Barr, Co-Founder Of Finterest
Episode 125: Jaydeep Korde, CEO & Co-Founder Of Launchnodes
Episode 124: Shiloh Johnson, Founder & CEO of ComplYant
Episode 123: Nima Olumi, CEO of Lightyear Strategies
Episode 122: Dave Jacobs, Co-founder & Co-CEO of Homethrive
Episode 121: Marco Giardina, Co-Founder & CTO at Geowox
Episode 120: Valentine Osakwe, CEO & CTO of Peep Connect
Episode 119: Zeb Anderson, Co-founder & CEO of LegalQ
Episode 118: Jacek Strzelczyk, CEO of SATIM Inc.
Episode 117: Franklyn Chien, CEO of PrizePool
Episode 116: Ian Hoppe, CEO & Founder of Condoit
Episode 115: Bob Miles, Founder & CEO of
Episode 114: Adam Feldman, CEO & Co-founder at Crispify
Episode 113: Julie Kring, CEO of Khepra
Episode 112: Anders Lillevik, Founder & CEO of Focal Point
Episode 111: Cyrus Massoumi, Founder of Dr. B
Episode 110: Ed Vincent, Founder & CEO at festivalPass
Episode 109: Katherine Grill, Co-founder & CEO of Neolth
Episode 108: Ben Simon, Director of NFT & Crypto Community giving at Crypto for Charity
Ilene Richardson, Founder & CEO of Imaginary Content
Lori Shao, CEO & Founder of Finli Inc
Ryan Tansom, Co-Founder at Arkona
Raffaele Colella, CEO of Mindmesh
Ben Heller, CTO of Driver Technologies, Inc.
Ron Kerbs, Founder & CEO of Kidas
Camille Mackenzie, CEO & Co-Founder of Kintail
Eduard Oboimov, CEO & Co-Founder of eTEU
Phil Reynolds, CEO & Co-founder at DevStride
Ayal Yogev, CEO & Co-Founder of Anjuna Security
Kirill Makharinsky, Co-Founder & CEO of Enki
Joel Young, CTO at Hireguide
Priyom Sarkar, Founder & CEO of Asanify
Bryan Courchesne, Founder of DAIM
Cara Borenstein, Developer, Co-Founder & CEO at Stashpad
Carlos F Gaitan Ospina, CEO & Co-founder of Benchmark Labs
Max Lukichev, Co-founder & CTO of Telmai Inc
Jonah Salita, CEO & Co-Founder of Diall
Mike Weiland, CEO of Govly
Andrei Soroker, CEO at Fogbender
Anna Barber, Partner at M13
Nigel Verdon, CEO & Co-Founder At Railsr
Torben Friehe, CEO Wingback
Christopher Hill, COO & Co-Founder of Massdriver
Idan Ninyo, Co-founder & CEO of Bionic
Akbar Thobhani, CEO & Co-Founder of sFOX
Fred Stevens-Smith, CEO of Rainforest QA
Emily Yuhas, CEO & Co-Founder of Awtomic Subscriptions
Nate Hamet, CEO & Co-Founder at Quindar
Matthew Spoke, CEO & Founder of Moves
Eve Halimi, Co-Founder of Alinea Invest
Jason Alvarez-Cohen, CEO of Popl
Alexey Nikityuk, Founder & CEO of Maroo
Chris Kline, CRO & Co-Founder of Bitcoin IRA
Shameer Sachdev, Founder of Growth Gorilla