Behind Company Lines

Behind Company Lines is a podcast that explores the stories that go on behind the scenes at some of the most exciting tech startups.

We explore origin stories of startups, how founders built their teams, and what's new in the hyper connected world of remote companies.

If you're running or thinking of starting a startup, this is the podcast for you. We give you a feel for what it's really like so you can learn and someday be on the show!

Founders of HireOtter and Behind Company Lines: Pray, Mike and Julian



Episode 289: Brett Turner, Founder & CEO of Trovata

Episode 288: Mike Jacobs, Founder & CEO of KitchData

Episode 287: Meade Lewis, CEO of mIQrotech

Episode 286: Ravi Parikh, Co-founder & CEO of Airplane

Episode 285: Mike Molinet, Co-Founder of & Branch

Episode 284: Chat Joglekar, CEO & Co-Founder at Baton

Episode 283: Nicolas Mendiharat, Founder & CEO Of Winechain

Episode 282: Tushar Makhija, Founder of TeamOhana

Episode 281: Troy Bannister, Founder of Particle Health

Episode 280: Vasily Nikonov, Founder of Velvet.Capital

Episode 279: Don Burton, Founder & Managing Partner of LearnStart

Episode 278: Brandon Schulz, Founder & CEO of

Episode 277: Archie Ravishankar, Founder & CEO of Cogni

Episode 276: Jon Ferrara, Founder & CEO of Nimble

Episode 275: Jim Dries, Founder & CEO of

Episode 274: Kunal Agarwal, Founder & CEO of

Episode 273: Adam Baker, Co-founder & CEO of

Episode 272: Eric Olden, CEO & Co-founder of Strata Identity

Episode 271: Ted Gutierrez, CEO & Co-Founder of SecurityGate

Episode 270: Evan Varsamis, CEO at Mintify

Episode 269: Amy Spurling, Founder & CEO of Compt

Episode 268: Aaron Ginn, Co-founder of Hydra Host

Episode 267: Mark Fershteyn, CEO of

Episode 266: Jordan Edelson, CEO & Co-Founder of TradeZing

Episode 265: Timur Khabirov, CEO & Co-founder of Prequel Inc.

Episode 264: Noah Tucker, CEO & Founder of Social Snowball

Episode 263: Kirill Potekhin, Co-founder & CTO of Adapty

Episode 262: Gene Hoffman, CEO & President at Chia Network, Inc.

Episode 261: Noah Kerner, CEO of Acorns

Episode 260: Tim Williamson, CEO & Founder of NieuxCo

Episode 259: Dan Goldsmith, CEO of Tendo

Episode 258: Chris Sheng, CEO of LeadrPro

Episode 257: Jacob Jolibois, Co-founder & CPO of Check

Episode 256: Jason Hirshman, Co-Founder of Uncountable

Episode 255: Pierre Hebrard, CEO of Pricemoov

Episode 254: Iulian Circo, Co-founder of Hyfe

Episode 253: Erik Kostelnik, Founder & CEO of Postal

Episode 252: Edward Fernandez, President & CEO of 1031 Crowdfunding

Episode 251: Sean Bennett, CTO & co-founder of Stronghold

Episode 250: Vinay Patankar, Co-founder & CEO of Process Street

Episode 249: Ben Weiss, CEO & co-founder of CoinFlip

Episode 248: Jake Anderson, Co-Founder & CEO of Anderson Optimization

Episode 247: Dan Mallin, CEO & Founder of Lucy

Episode 246: Bhavin Asher, CTO of GRUBBRR

Episode 245: Erine Gray, President & CEO of findhelp

Episode 244: Chris Mills, Head of Product at Nexleaf

Episode 243: Colin Johnson, CEO & Co-founder of Freeport

Episode 242: Yogev Shifman, Co-Founder of Exodigo

Episode 241: Jayce Hafner, CEO of FarmRaise

Episode 240: Rob Petrozzo, Co-Founder of Rally

Episode 239: Ajay Kulkarni, CEO of Timescale

Episode 238: Robert Neir & Siddhant Kasat, Co-founders at Layer3

Episode 237: Mehul Bhatt, Co-Founder & CEO of FloCareer

Episode 236: Palash Soni, Co-founder & CEO of Goldcast

Episode 235: Manning Field, CEO of Follow

Episode 234: Flo Crivello, CEO & Founder of Lindy

Episode 233: Armand Paradis, Co-Founder & CEO of ComboCurve

Episode 232: Tom Kieley, CEO of SourceDay

Episode 231: Raphael Ouzan, CEO & Co-founder of A.Team

Episode 230: Jeff Fernandez, CEO & Co-founder Dandi

Episode 229: Maik Wehmeyer, CEO & Co-founder of Taktile

Episode 228: Kelly Nyland, CEO of Whym

Episode 227: Bryan Sapot, CEO of Mingo Smart Factory

Episode 226: Sanjay Goel, CEO & Founder of NachoNacho

Episode 225: Colin Treseler, CEO of

Episode 224: Shawn Hewat, CEO & co-founder of Wavy

Episode 223: Harold Hughes, Founder & CEO of Bandwagon

Episode 222: Ivan Yang, Co-Founder & CEO of Moss

Episode 221: Brooke LeVasseur, CEO of AristaMD

Episode 220: Ashok Sivanand, CEO & Founder of Integral

Episode 219: Ravi Sandepudi, CEO of Effectiv

Episode 218: Rishi Khanna, CEO of Stocktwits

Episode 217: Stefanie Sample, CEO & Founder of Fundid

Episode 216: Maggie Norris, CEO of Aidaly

Episode 215: Rowland Hobbs, CEO & Co-Founder of Stake

Episode 214: Jim O'Brien, CEO & Co-Founder of Agrograph

Episode 213: Maxim Fateev and Dominik Tornow, CEO & Principal Engineer of Temporal

Episode 212: Tyler Morrey, CEO of

Episode 211: Dante DiCicco, Founder & CEO of Zitti

Episode 210: Alex Ghiculescu, Co-Founder of Workforce

Episode 209: Erik Huberman, CEO & Founder of Hawke Media

Episode 208: Ben Borodach, Co-Founder & CEO at april

Episode 207: John Cordier, CEO of Epistemix

Episode 206: Daniel Naim, CEO & Founder of Fennel

Episode 205: Joanna Riley, CEO of Censia Talent Intelligence

Episode 204: Jake Wood, Founder & CEO of Groundswell

Episode 203: Jennifer Nuckles, CEO of R-Zero

Episode 202: Arun Saigal, CEO of Thunkable

Episode 201: Syed Hamid, Founder & CEO of Sofy

Episode 200: Patricia Thaine, Co-Founder & CEO of Private AI

Episode 199: Joel Stevenson, Former CEO of Yesware, recently acquired by Vendasta

Episode 198: Aaron Podolny, Co-Founder & CTO of Scribe

Episode 197: Tom Medema, Founder & CEO of Bubbles

Episode 196: Cavan Klinsky, Co-Founder & CTO of Healthie

Episode 195: Jean-René Boidron, CEO & Co-Founder of Kameleoon

Episode 194: Iman Abuzeid, M.D., CEO & Co-Founder of Incredible Health

Episode 193: DeVaris Brown, Founder & CEO of Meroxa

Episode 192: Aye Moah, CEO & Co-founder of Boomerang

Episode 191: Jen Henderson, Founder & CEO at Tilt

Episode 190: Michael Zalle, Founder & CEO at YellowBird