Behind Company Lines

Behind Company Lines is a podcast that explores the stories that go on behind the scenes at some of the most exciting tech startups.

We explore origin stories of startups, how founders built their teams, and what's new in the hyper connected world of remote companies.

If you're running or thinking of starting a startup, this is the podcast for you. We give you a feel for what it's really like so you can learn and someday be on the show!



Shameer Sachdev, Founder of Growth Gorilla
After moving on from his career with top brands such as Barclays Wealth and Alexander David, Growth Gorilla’s Founder and Managing Director, Shameer Sachdev, struck out on his own and built the fintech growth marketing agency, Growth Gorilla. The agency focuses exclusively on catalyzing growth for courageous fintech. ‍ Now Shameer is on a mission to share expertise from all corners of the fintech industry and provide The FML Podcast’s listeners with unique and valuable insights that can help deliver real results.
Rick Porter, CEO and co-founder of DSCVR
Rick was disillusioned with the web2 social media space. He saw social media platforms using people for data and then changing algorithms to eliminate the whole reason people even joined the platform. He, and his team, created DSCVR to give people options, put emphasis on community and ultimately give control back to the user. They already have 115k users and are growing rapidly.
Manuel Schoenfeld, CEO of PowerX
Manuel Schönfeld is the founder and CEO of PowerX, a company with the mission to combat climate change. PowerX is venture-backed by Seqouia Scout Fund, Y Combinator and Antler. Manuel spent several years working for McKinsey and Company as a project manager. He advised governments and private sector on innovative energy solutions (ie. Power-to-X, hydrogen to chemicals, solar to cooling) and worked with clients from all continents. Before joining McKinsey, Manuel worked for the World Bank and Morgan Stanley Hong Kong with a focus on renewable energy and intelligence testing. He authored different books and articles, which have been quoted in renown publications such as the World Development Report 2018 (WB, United Nations).
Nick Dazé, Co-founder and CEO of Heirloom
Nick Dazé is the co-founder and CEO of Heirloom. Before co-founding Heirloom, he was the co-founder of PocketList, and an early team member at tech companies such as Faraday Future ($FFIE), Fullscreen (acquired by AT&T), and Bit Kitchen (acquired by Medium as Knowable). He studied English at the University of Southern California and has spent his entire career in startups.
Howard Katzenberg, Founder & CEO of Glean AI
Howard Katzenberg is a seasoned entrepreneur and early “FinTech” industry pioneer, with significant expertise in scaling venture-backed businesses through IPO, strategic planning, financial leadership, and financial technology. Currently, Howard is the Founder and CEO of Glean AI, the only Accounts Payable company that combines smart automation with spend intelligence and helps companies save money on their vendor expense. Prior to Glean, Howard was the CFO of, the leading home finance company, where he enabled the company to grow revenue 5x while significantly accelerating its path to profitability. Before joining, Howard served as the CFO of OnDeck, the leading small business lending company. Under his leadership as CFO, OnDeck consistently grew over 100% annually, completed one of the first FinTech IPOs in 2014, and was regularly recognized as a top place to work.
Andres Fleischer, Managing Partner of Ripio Ventures
Andres Fleischer, Managing Partner of Ripio Ventures. Andres has an incredible life story that brought him as a young child in Argentina to a Stanford-educated thought leader and entrepreneur at the forefront of blockchain innovation in Latin America. Today, he’s the Managing Partner of Ripio ventures, where he strategizes how to best support up-and-coming web3 startups in Latin America and globally.
Alex Louisy, Co-founder & CEO, Upflow
Alex Louisy is the co-founder and CEO of, a fintech startup on a mission to revolutionize how B2B businesses get paid. Their accounts receivable software is helping hundreds of fast-growing B2B companies collect customer payments effortlessly: saving time, helping make better business decisions, enhancing customers' experience, and improving cash flows. Upflow is backed by leading investors (Y Combinator, 9yards, eFounders) and top BAs from N26, Square, Mercury, Uber, and Netsuite. Previously, Alex started his career in investment banking, before overseeing the international expansion of Wifirst - a telecom company
Zerzar Bukhari, CEO of Zynq
Zerzar Bukhari is Founder & CEO at Zynq. Zerzar has worked on various enterprise products at Google and Microsoft. He holds an engineering degree from the University of Toronto and a master's degree in finance from Harvard University.
Keshav Pingali, Co-founder and CEO of Katana Graph
Keshav Pingali is the CEO and co-founder of Katana Graph, the AI-powered Graph Intelligence Platform providing faster, deeper, and more accurate insights on massive and complex data. Keshav holds the W.A."Tex" Moncrief Chair of Computing at the University of Texas at Austin, and is a Fellow of the ACM, IEEE, and AAAS. He received his Masters in Electrical Engineering and his Doctorate in Science from MIT. He previously also held the India Chair of Computer Science at Cornell University
David Hoffman, Co-founder & CEO of Beam
David Hoffman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Beam, the easiest way to design and remodel your home. From the DIY’er, to the hands-off-I-need-to-hire, Beam provides you with all of the tools you need to remodel better. Previously, David co-founded Next Big Sound, which was named one of the 10 best music startups of 2010 by Billboard Magazine before the company was acquired by Pandora in 2015. When David isn’t growing Beam, he’s likely working on his own remodeling projects or making memories with his wife and two daughters. To learn more about Beam or to start your next remodeling project with ease, visit
Robin Choy, CEO at HireSweet
Born in France, founded HireSweet in 2016 - we help companies hire for roles where they lack applicants (like software engineering, sales, etc.). Spearheaded sales and marketing from the 1st to 1000th client, grew the team to 40 people while raising a single Seed round of $1.5M, and got selected by Y Combinator.
Rafael Cosman, CEO & Co-founder of TrustToken
Rafael Cosman is the CEO & Co-founder of TrustToken, the core team building TrueFi into the protocol for global lending. TrueFi lets portfolio managers launch uncollateralized lending opportunities on-chain to a global base of lenders and borrowers. Since November 2020, has completed $1.5B of origination and +$1B of repayments with no defaults. Prior to TrustToken, Rafael helped build StreetCode, a non-profit that teaches East Palo Alto youth technical skills, and worked at Google Brain, Palantir, and Kernel. Rafael graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. In his free time, you’ll find Rafael reading or surfing.
Matt Cutler, CEO & Co-Founder of Blocknative
Matt Cutler is CEO & Co-Founder of Blocknative, the leading real-time infrastructure for monitoring pre-chain data, optimizing gas spend, and predicting transaction settlement. Matt has founded multiple technology startups, including Web analytics pioneer NetGenesis, which went public in 2000 at the height of the Web 1.0 boom. His most recent startup, mobile collaboration platform, was acquired by Cisco in 2013. Along the way, Matt has consistently made meaningful contributions to emerging technology ecosystems, including serving as chair of the first-ever Webmasters Guild, co-authoring the award winning E-Metrics Whitepaper, championing AdWeek’s Viral Video Awards, establishing Cisco’s global Design Thinking initiative, and more
Michael Broughton, CEO of Altro
Michael Broughton is the founder and CEO of Altro. He founded Altro in 2019, following personal frustrations with access to credit and financial tools. Prior to Altro, Michael spent time in Venture Capital, scouting for Sequoia Capital and working with early stage startups such as - Madefor, working with Blake Mycosike on launching the brand, shipping first product and understanding consumer spending (starting as us 4 out of his office at Toms); to Launching DOAPKitchens product at unis and creating their University Program, with the program starting at USC and expanding to local universities. Michael currently sits on the board of a ~900M Credit Union, turning from a board member to Vice Chairman in the past 4 years. He now spends his time in consumer finance, investing/advising companies such as Burst, StreetFins, LendMe, Of All Trades, Barcode, and others. Altro, since inception, has raised over $20M and grown its team across the United States. Altro aims to serve the 86M Americans who do not have access to finance.
Brendan P. Keegan, CEO of Merchants Fleet
Brendan P. Keegan serves as Chief Executive Officer [CEO] at Merchants Fleet and was recently named the world’s Most Innovative CEO by CEO World Awards®; Executive of the Year, silver winner by Best in Biz Awards; and a Stevie Awards® bronze winner by American Business Awards®. He has been involved with Merchants since 2009—as a client, board member, and strategic advisor. Brendan is focused on transforming the company’s business model and creating a new category within the fleet industry known as FleetTech. Brendan’s innovative leadership has fueled the company’s strategic direction and positioned Merchants as the fastest-growing fleet management company in North America. Brendan is an award winning, 6-time President & CEO of companies ranging from 500 to over 10,000 employees located in nearly 150 countries in the tech & financial services sectors. He served as the Fortune 100’s youngest Chief Sales Officer for EDS, a $22-billion tech leader. Brendan has raised nearly $2.0B in capital and returned over $4.0B to investors. He has trained over 350,000 leaders, led nearly 50,000 employees, and driven sales of $100B+. Previously, Brendan was named a Distinguished Fellow by Dartmouth College, Fast50 Executive by FastCompany, successful entrepreneur by Enterprise Bank, US Business Delegate to Africa, Best-of-the-Best CEOs by Incentive, 100 Fastest Growing Companies by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Business of the Year by NH Business Journal, Top 10 Coach of the Year by USA Football, and Volunteer of the Year & Youth Coach of the Year in NH. Brendan received his Bachelor’s Degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an MBA from the George Washington University, and Executive Certificates from Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania & University of Chicago.
Sahil Hasan, CEO at Dots
Sahil is the CEO and co-founder of Dots, a Y Combinator company building a developer-friendly API that lets businesses pay their contractors through just a few lines of code. Whether it's gig workers like Uber drivers, sellers on marketplaces like Etsy, or simply just your local handyman - Dots’ abstracts away the complexity of payouts completely. Sahil is dedicated to providing a simple-to-use API that makes money movement as flexible as the modern workforce. Prior to Dots, Sahil worked at Google Research and Google X on early stage projects. Sahil received a M.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.
Dan Raju, CEO of Tradier
Dan Raju is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Tradier. As one of the larger volume producing brokerage platforms, Tradier has grown in the last 5 years to become the preferred destination for Active Investing. Tradier offers a MarketPlace of Investor Platforms and the most widely used brokerage web APIs for Trading Platforms, Advisors, and Developers to build embedded or complete investing experiences. Trader today powers some of the biggest and most innovative financial services platforms in the market.
Jean-Louis Warnholz, Co-Founder and CEO of Future
As co-founder and CEO of Future, Jean-Louis Warnholz oversees Future’s overall strategy, forges impactful partnerships, and develops financial tools to simplify climate-smart living for families and individuals. Jean-Louis possesses years of entrepreneurial experience. As the Founding Principal and Managing Director of the BlackIvy Group, he was responsible for the company’s growth strategy and development of new businesses. Anchored in Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania, BlackIvy delivers life's essentials to consumers in Africa across five verticals in health, housing, food, logistics, and warehousing. Previously, Jean-Louis worked for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s office, the Soros Economic Development Fund, and the World Bank.
Emily Wang, CEO of Bento
Emily is the founder & CEO of Bento, a software platform for customer onboarding. Bento's guides are embedded natively into SaaS applications to create Getting Started pages and activation flows. Prior to founding Bento, Emily was the Head of Product at atSpoke (acquired by Okta) and a Growth Product Manager at Intercom. Emily has her MBA and Bachelor's degrees from Harvard and lives in San Francisco.
Will Rush, CEO and Founder of Stack
Will is the CEO & Founder of Stack, the first cryptocurrency app authorized for under-18-year-olds in the United States. The startup is backed by Madrona Ventures (early investors in Amazon, Redfin, Apptio, and Rover, among others) and The Venture Collective (early investors in BlockFi and Axiom). It has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq, MSN, Business Insider, Tech Crunch, Geekwire, and BuiltIn, among others. Will has spent 12 years in FinTech working with Sofi, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, Copper Banking, and others. He built Stack to blend the most speculative but also exciting financial asset class (crypto) with financial education. Stack creates a safe place for teenagers to approach crypto and web3, while their parents sit in the passenger seat.
Simon Jones, CEO & Co-Founder of Voltz Labs
Simon Jones, CEO & Co-Founder of Voltz Labs, believes in a transparent, equitable, and community-driven future, where technology provides equal economic opportunities to all. Simon has been involved in three financial technology startups - twice as a founder and once as an early employee. Simon completed his Executive Education at Stanford.
Kalpesh Kapadia, Founder and CEO of Deserve
Kalpesh Kapadia’s career spans 25+ years in the US and Asia, primarily in technology and finance. He came to the US over 20 years ago as a young student and struggled to establish his credit profile. In 2013, Kalpesh co-founded Deserve, a cloud-based, API-centric software platform that enables a delightful digital/mobile cardholder experience for consumers, and modern card program management for partners, with a full suite of rewards, reporting, analytics and customer service. Prior to co-founding Deserve he was one of the top analysts/investors in Wall Street’s tech sector. In 2004 he was ranked the #1 analyst in the US across all sectors by the venerable Wall Street Journal. In 2005 he founded Equanum Capital and successfully managed it through 2012. He earned an MBA from Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University where he serves on the alumni board and as a proud member of W.L. Mellon Society. He also holds an MS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. His personal and charitable interests focus on empowerment through higher education. Kalpesh is a member/supporter of organizations such as Cato Institute, Santa Fe Institute and American Himalayan Foundation.
Gabe Frank , CEO of
Gabe Frank is CEO of, the most sophisticated DeFi NFT lending infrastructure. A third-generation pawnbroker, Gabe helped run the family business of 9 storefronts under the name Benny’s Pawn, founded in 1947 and eventually acquired in 2016. Through this real-world experience, Gabe learned the importance of collateralized loans against physical assets and developed and ran an online sub-prime loan portfolio. An early NFT enthusiast and DeFi advocate, Gabe brings expertise from consumer and traditional financial markets to, having previously supported BitGo growing their digital asset custody (AUC) to over $1B and assisted BitGo Prime in building an institutional lending book to over $150m. Later, Gabe joined Curv, where he introduced the first-of-its-kind institutional Metamask product built for DeFi hedge funds and fintechs.
Arup Roy-Burman, MD, Founder & CEO of Elemeno Health
Arup Roy-Burman MD, Founder & CEO of Elemeno Health, a mobile-friendly just-in-time training and support solution for frontline healthcare teams. Elemeno has built a “playbook in your pocket” for nurses, which empowers them enhance patient care and execute their day-to-day tasks more efficiently. The “playbook” includes easily digestible content that can be customized by individual hospital departments. Its use has been associated with increased nurse satisfaction and a decrease in turnover by up to 50%. Improved consistency of care has resulted in decreased medical errors and hospital-acquired conditions by up to 75%. Arup has 25 years experience in caring for the critically ill and keenly appreciates the importance of frontline teams (nurses, doctors, and ancillary staff) to patient outcomes. He is an Associate Professor at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, where he has served as ICU Medical Director, and Director of Transport & Access. Arup is also past Director of the Transdisciplinary Immersion in Global Health Research and Education (TIGRE) program in Honduras (70,000+ patient-visits), and has served on the Board of Directors of 501(c)3 Global Healing. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley (BA), UCSF (MD), and Stanford (Pediatric Residency).
Greg Edwards, CEO of CryptoStopper
Greg has been a technology entrepreneur since 1998. Before Greg founded CryptoStopper, he started Axis Backup, a backup and disaster recovery company for the insurance industry. He saw firsthand the rapid increase in the damage cyber criminals were doing with debilitating malware resulting in high financial loss to vulnerable companies. Between 2012 and 2015, one in five of Axis Backup’s clients was hit by cybercrime. Greg realized effective cyber security could save businesses from costly downtime and compromised systems. In 2015, Axis Backup was acquired by J2 Global, freeing Greg to create CryptoStopper and focus exclusively on cybersecurity.
Parthi Loganathan, Founder and CEO of Letterdrop
Parthi is the Founder and CEO of Letterdrop, a Y-Combinator backed company that helps over 50 B2B marketing teams produce 32% more content, faster, with the same headcount. Their content ops platform that streamlines and automates all the work that goes into content marketing. Parthi was previously a Product Manager on Google Search. He loves helping technical founders step outside their comfort zone and go from just building (a mistake he has made before) to focusing on sales and marketing.
Richard Miles, CEO of CLOSEM
Serial entrepreneur with several successful exits, seasoned Fortune 500 executive, and non-profit leader. Richard is the author of the "Official US Software Channel Sales Guidebook" and has been a featured speaker at COMDEX, CES, the Art of Product Launches and many other events. He ran a consulting firm for 14 years and advised startups and multinationals including Hitachi, IBM, Computer Associates and many others. He has served as the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Tanzania, was CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the San Francisco Bay Area, and is currently CEO of CLOSEM, a SaaS company he co-founded with Laura Betterly. CLOSEM automates the process of sales followup. CLOSEM is now becoming a suite of applications for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to increase sales, and they have just released LINKEM, with more coming out soon. He has interesting things to share about sales, direct marketing, software startups, and sub-saharan African farming, as well as an avid wildlife and landscape photographer.
Alfred "Chip" Kahn IV, Founder & CEO of Boomtown
As Founder & CEO, Alfred Kahn leads commercial activities at Boomtown, including strategy, marketing, and corporate development. After graduating from Colorado State University, he began his journey as a serial entrepreneur and has founded several companies over the years. Alfred founded Boomtown because he is an operator that understands the power software has to disrupt an industry.
Neha Govindraj, CEO of Bonside, Inc.
Neha Govindraj is the founder and CEO of Bonside, Inc., the future of financing for brick-and-mortar businesses. Bonside is currently operating in a members-only Beta and financing best-in-class businesses up to $1m in growth capital. At Bonside, rather than investing to own a percentage of the business, we invest to own a percentage of their revenue. Prior to founding Bonside, Neha co-founded Glowbar after working in the consumer and private equity practices of Bain & Company.
Adam Lawrence, CEO of Boom & Bucket
Adam is the co-founder and CEO of Boom & Bucket. Adam has built 3 enterprise B2B businesses with a combined value of more than $10B as an early exec and operations leader. Prior to Boom & Bucket he was the COO at Bolt where he has partnered with visionary founders to lead 40x revenue and 11x headcount growth (from 15 to 175) over three years. Prior to Bolt he started, built, and sold an HR tech company. Early in his career he was the first employee at Addepar and partnered with the founders from seed to post Series C. Adam is a leader for high-growth environments with significant ambiguity, shifting roles, and changing priorities. He has a strong ability to synthesize complex business challenges and build operational and action-focused plans. He enjoys all aspects of business operations from sales and marketing to human resources and finance but is particularly passionate about recruiting and building teams.
Chrissa McFarlane, CEO & Founder of Patientory
Chrissa McFarlane founded Patientory after working more than a decade in the healthcare technology industry and realizing there was a need for more personalized, secure and consumer-driven health information management solutions. Devoted to fostering digital innovation in the healthcare industry, McFarlane served as co-chair of the HIMSS18 Blockchain Workgroup, the HIMSS Interoperability & Health Information Exchange Committee Named one of the top women, “leaving their mark on the MedTech field in health IT,” by Becker’s Hospital Review and World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, McFarlane has published multiple international healthcare research articles. In 2019, McFarlane authored her first book titled Future Women: Minority Female Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Era of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
Andrew Gazdecki, CEO at MicroAcquire
Andrew Gazdecki is a 4x founder with 3x exits, former CRO, and founder of MicroAcquire. Gazdecki has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as prominent industry blogs such as Axios, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat.
Dan Pantelo, Founder of Marpipe
Dan is a marketing technology executive and the founder/CEO of Marpipe. Prior to founding Marpipe, Dan launched a marketing consultancy from his dorm room in college, which turned into a fast-growing agency based in Soho, Manhattan that specialized in creative production and demand generation for DTC businesses. Marpipe was initially developed when the agency ran into trouble with creative testing, and today, Marpipe has raised over $10m from the likes of Adobe, Samsung, and executives at Buzzfeed, Hubspot, MediaMath, and Criteo. He was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2022 in marketing and advertising.
Dakota Younger, Founder and CEO of Boon
Dakota Younger is the Founder and CEO of Boon, a gamified employee referral marketplace that engages and incentivizes your organization's existing talent pool to create the highest caliber pipeline of talent. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Dakota originally landed in Los Angeles to pursue stand-up comedy. The years he spent working grounds and staying quick on his feet helped build both the framework and the flexibility for transitioning into entrepreneurship. After a decade of helping Fortune 500 companies and hot new startups source top talent in industries like tech, healthcare, education, hospitality, aviation, and finance, Dakota sold his successful recruitment firms and founded Boon to solve new challenges arising in the recruitment industry.
Tony Smith, CEO & Co-Founder at Restaurant365
Tony Smith is the CEO & Co-Founder of Restaurant365, a rapidly growing, industry-leading restaurant software platform. In his current role, he focuses energy on company vision & long-term strategy, building an engaging & inviting culture, and the growth of individuals & the business. A lifelong learner, he earned his bachelor’s degree in business management and information systems from Brigham Young University, Magna Cum Laude, and has been recognized for leadership with awards such as Innovator of the Year from the OC Business Journal. A dad-joke connoisseur, Smith enjoys having fun while trying out new restaurants, spending time with his wife and 4 lovely daughters, singing, and watching college football.
Grant Miller, Founder & CEO of Replicated
Grant Miller is currently the founder and CEO of Replicated Inc, a platform that enables commercial software vendors to operationalize and scale the distribution of their applications to complex enterprise environments. Their platform is used by many software vendors including UiPath, HashiCorp, Nylas, CircleCI (and many others), and as a result, over 60% of the Fortune 100 have applications deployed by Replicated in their infrastructure. Grant is also the creator of & host of the EnterpriseReady Podcast which both aim to help SaaS & software companies build the features that enterprises love. Prior to Replicated, Grant was the founder and CEO of, which was acquired by LivePerson, Inc (Nasdaq: LPSN).
Alex Liao Vilhena, Cofounder and CEO of Plug Pagamentos
Alex is co-founder and CEO of Plug Pagamentos, a LatAm payments platform. For the past 12-years, he's worked with startups around the globe — living in cities such as San Francisco, New York, London, and Madrid. Previous to starting Plug, Alex managed southern Europe for Braintree — a PayPal company, where he saw his best clients attempting to integrate multiple PSPs. When not talking about payments or LatAm startups, Alex can be found surfing or training jiu-jitsu.
Gary Hagmueller, CEO of Arcion
Gary Hagmueller is the CEO of Arcion, the world’s only cloud-native, CDC-based data mobility platform. Gary is a proven CEO who has created over $7.5B in enterprise value through two IPOs and four M&A exits over his 20+ years in the tech industry. Gary holds an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, where he was named Sheth Fellow, as well as a bachelor’s in Business Administration from Arizona State University. As a father of twin teenage boys, he is clearly experienced in project management and negotiation skills.
Liam Martin, Co-founder and CMO of Time Doctor
Liam is a serial entrepreneur who runs Time Doctor and — one of the most popular time tracking and productivity software platforms in use by top brands today. He is also a co-organizer of the world's largest remote work conference — Running Remote. Liam has also co-authored a book - Running Remote - focused on remote work methodology.
Shaina Denny, Founder of Dogdrop
Shaina is the Cofounder and CEO of Dogdrop - a venture-backed and female founded start-up building the next generation of dog care. Shaina lived and worked in China for over three years at early stage tech start-ups before returning to the US. She has her Masters of International Business, loves to travel, and takes her mini dachshund, Poppy, with her everywhere. She has her Masters of International Business and is a co-instructor and guest lecturer at Whittier College. She's passionate about international business, lifelong learning, and her mini dachshund, Poppy!
Jake Udell, Founder and CEO of Metalink
Jake is the founder and CEO of Metalink, where he leads company strategy and brand innovation. Prior to starting Metalink, Jake served as head of activation for, a software company enabling celebrities and high profile entities, ranging from Barack Obama to White Claw, to directly reach their fans and customers text messages. He also founded music management company TH3RD BRAIN, developing business for artists such as Krewella, ZHU, Gallant, and Grace VanderWaal. Jake was recognized on Forbes' 2016 30 Under 30 list and Billboard’s 2018 40 Under 40 list.
Romeo Durscher, Vice President of Public Safety at Auterion
Romeo Durscher is the Vice President of Public Safety at Auterion, the premier end-to-end operating systems for commercial drones, based on open-standards, flexibility and choices. Born and raised in Switzerland, Romeo came to Auterion after 6 years at DJI, where he built the public safety vertical and has become one of the most trusted global leaders and evangelists in small Unmanned Aircraft Systems integration and deployments. Prior to joining the drone industry, he spent 13 years at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Part of his work is advising first responders and humanitarian organizations on proper drone use and data integration, collaborating with R&D teams on hardware and software solutions, and expanding the drone ecosystem to enhance fully integrated end-to-end solutions and workflows. Romeo has actively participated in drone missions for search and rescue operations, natural disasters, such as the Tubbs, Carr and Camp Fires in California, emergency responses, and various training exercises. He has led global partnerships, such as European Emergency Number Association (EENA), to develop protocols, standards and best practices for public safety officials to integrate drones into their workflows. Commercial UAV News named Romeo “One of the 25 Most Influential People in the Commercial Drone Industry”, as well as “One of the Top 7 Drone Visionaries in Emergency Response & Public Safety”. The non-profit global organization DRONERESPONDERS awarded him with their first ""Public Safety Drone Leadership Award"" and the Unmanned Tactical Applications Conference awarded Romeo with the “The Supporting Those Who Serve” annual award, as a recognition of his exceptional leadership advancing the implementation of public safety drone programs across the globe. Romeo has appeared in media forums from ABC’s Good Morning America, New York Times, Wired magazine, to Forbes and held keynote presentations, panels, workshops and webinars across the world, sharing success stories, use cases, lessons learned, and his vision of the drone industry. Romeo can be found on Twitter at @RomeoCH.
Brian Mohr, CEO & Co-Founder of Anthym
Brian's career is a learning-based journey with an intense focus on people, purpose, values, culture, and leadership. Brian has had amazing entrepreneurial and leadership experiences at, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Y Scouts and Conscious Capitalism Arizona. Today, Brian is channeling his experiences and energy into helping organizations and their teams build trust, connection, and belonging in the rapidly accelerating remote and distributed workplace through his new company, Anthym. Brian is a Board Member and President Emeritus of the Arizona Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, a member of the Board of Directors of the Better Business Bureau of the Pacific Southwest, a TEDx speaker, and the co-author of "Hiring on Purpose - How the Y Scouts Method is Revolutionizing the Search for Leaders". Brian's most important and cherished responsibilities are being the lucky father to his 2 daughters, Taylor and Riley, and the proud husband to his wife, Jackie. In his spare time, you'll find Brian practicing guitar and catching a live music concert every chance he can get.
Michael Maylahn, Founder & CEO at Stasis Labs
Michael Maylahn is trained as a Biomedical (Electrical) Engineer from USC. Michael founded a math and science education program to finance his education. He has conducted medical research in rural Costa Rica, lived with a family in Germany, spent substantial time in India and embraces traveling to better understand people. Michael is the founder and CEO of Stasis, a remote patient monitoring company, that has treated over 60,000 patients and counting.
Guillermo Ramas, Founder & CEO of NotiSphere
Guillermo is a serial intra/entrepreneur with 24+ years of healthcare technology experience that prides himself in designing, developing, and taking to market innovative solutions that address industry-wide problems. Guillermo is the Founder and CEO of NotiSphere, a healthcare technology startup revolutionizing the way the industry handles medical recall communications. Before NotiSphere, Guillermo served as Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Automation USA, a subsidiary of the fastest growing provider of traceability solutions for the healthcare industry in Ireland and the UK. Guillermo holds a BS in economic sciences and business, from the University of Navarra, Spain and a Senior Executive Program degree from IESE Business School.
Scott Coleman, Founder and CEO of Preventure
Scott has become an industry leader in workplace injury prevention through his innovative and comprehensive approach using wearable technology. This approach evolved from the combination of over 20 years of experience working with elite athletes (as a coach, physiotherapist, and biomechanist), with the skills developed working in private practice treating injured workers. Over the past five years, Scott has been partnering with large organisations, Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers, and safety consultants to reduce the costs associated with workplace injury using wearable technology and data analytics. In 2019 his company, Preventure, launched their IoT-based workplace injury prevention product and has since expanded to the USA through support from Silicon Valley investors.
Lucas Meadowcroft, Co-founder and CEO at Tribu
Lucas is an idea's man, a huge risk-taker, never afraid of change, always disrupting, innovating, and pivoting to solve problems that will leave a huge impact on this planet. Pushing the boundaries when it comes to tech & innovation, his mission is to change the MSP industry forever. For more than 17 years he has served a diverse range of businesses, from start-ups to scale-ups, with the highest calibre in helping businesses leverage the latest technology trends, digitally transform organisations, and drive competitive advantage. Tribu is a machine learning productivity toolkit for helpdesks to improve efficiency in ticket management and request resolution. Unlike traditional manual helpdesk processes, Tribu uses machine learning to automate ticket functionality to create quicker processes and manage technician workloads.
Brian Dewey, CEO of Koloni
Brian started a 24/7 gym in 2014 after purchasing a commercial property. He quickly realized the value of an access control system was in the profitability of his business. When he launched a software platform in 2016 for bike-share programs. Customers wanted the ability to share or rent basketballs in the park, kayaks next to the river, and so much more. Koloni quickly realized there was a gap when it came to connecting consumers back to the physical world. Koloni is now tackling the smart locker industry. Currently led by outdated UI/UX, expensive locker banks, and limited to parcel delivery. The Koloni smart lock can enable any locker to quickly be smart and programmed for deliveries, storage, and rental applications.
Chris Federspiel, CEO at
Chris is the head of Product and CEO/cofounder at, where they created multiple apps for the platform. He develops high-level UX and technical approaches with their Product and Engineering teams. Cofounding the company in August of 2015, they've been through a lot. From nearly going bankrupt in 2018 to now 80 employees and 500+ customers, the ride has gone from stressful to now fun!
Michael Hoffman, CEO at Gather Voices
Michael Hoffman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gather Voices, a technology company that automates the creation, management, and publishing of video content. He is also the founder of See3 Communications, a digital marketing agency in Chicago. Hoffman teaches marketing at the University of Chicago and is an internationally sought-after speaker and trainer who is a trusted advisor to business leaders on engagement strategy.
Ryan O'Donnell, Co-founder and CTO at Cleary
Ryan leads the engineering team and previously founded Peer with the COO of Salesforce; acquired by Twitter in 2016. He has over a decade of experience working at tech companies of all sizes, including both Twitter and Concur, 2 of the most successful consumer and enterprise SaaS companies in the world. Ryan has a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science from Cornell University.
John Leonard, Founder of Rock It
John is a 20 year old guy, just dropped out of college, and is founding Rock It. His passion in life is to design software that actually enhances individuals' lives. That's why John dropped out of college, and that's why he designed and am launching Rock It. John thinks there's a large split out there of people who don't like Big Tech. John thinks there's a lot of dissatisfaction with what's going on in Silicon Valley with them creating platforms that actually make our individual happiness and well-being worse off. But the split comes in that some people who say to just get off your phone, delete these toxic apps, and spend more time in the real world. Well, John doesn't think that's the solution per se. Technology can never move backwards, and it's really misguided to think people can or will say no to technology. John thinks the solution, really, is learning from these companies that have created toxic products, and say How could we create something that is actually good? And that's what we're doing with Rock It. We've designed and are launching an app that's success metrics exactly correlate to our members happiness and well-being. So check out our website to sign up for the waiting list and in the meantime, get out there and go rock it!
Dwight Crow, Founder & Chairman of
Dwight is the former CEO and current Chairman of, an AI enabled hearing aid with industry defining audio and care. He previously was the product manager for the Facebook eCommerce team through multiple years of +100% year on year revenue growth, and sold an NLP search engine to Facebook after Y-Combinator in 2012. Dwight lives in San Francisco and is involved in local education work and outdoor sports.
Aaron Stannard, CEO of Petabridge
Aaron is the founder and CEO of Petabridge, a company dedicated to helping .NET developers build high-performance, large-scale, and real-time software systems, and founder of the Akka.NET project. Previously Aaron was the founder of MarkedUp - analytics and marketing automation services for software developers. Before that Aaron was the Startup Developer Evangelist for Microsoft. He is globally recognized as a top .NET developer and tech leader.
Matt Harding, CTO at Zippity
Matt is the CTO at Zippity, a SaaS startup that enables great day-of service experiences for the onsite service industry. Prior to Zippity, Matt led the Fulfillment Experience team for AmazonFresh.
Francisco Desimoni, Career Coach from Argentina
Argentinean Psychologist and Career Coach, passionate about helping professionals to unleash their true potential and get the job they really want. He is a former IT Recruiter, and in his last experience, he worked for a staff augmentation company from California, USA. Currently, he has his own career coaching business in Buenos Aires providing 1 on 1 sessions and workshops and providing services to two outplacement companies from USA. He firmly believes that professionals with a lack of emotional intelligence and self-knowledge are the ones who struggle the most to get the job they love and make a living from it. These two requirements are key to build a solid personal brand and stand out from other candidates.
Nishant Panchal, Co-Founder and COO of Noteworth
COO at Noteworth with 6 years of experience with growing a startup. Expertise in engineering, product, technical culture, people people people, and business development. Eager to build a team that can accelerate virtual healthcare delivery. Nishant completed his graduate studies in computer engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and is an avid swimmer.
Diego Woitasen, CEO of
Cloud Architect and tech guy with 20+ years in the industry, mainly doing professional services focusing on infrastructure on different agencies, until started as an independent consultant about 10 years ago. This journey continued with the creation of, a 40 people organization that helps Startups and ScaleUps in the B2B space to tackle their challenges with Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps methodologies.
Ramin Bastani, CEO of Healthvana
Ramin Bastani started Healthvana in 2014 to better deliver medical test results via a HIPAA-secure, mobile-friendly portal.
Scott Kacyn, CTO Huntclub
Scott is Co-Founder & CTO at Hunt Club. Hunt Club helps companies scale through trusted relationships. We work with high-growth companies across the country, leveraging our technology and a network of thousands of subject matter experts to hire better candidates, faster.
Morley Zhi, Director of Eng for Vibrant
Morley Zhi is the Director of Engineering for Vibrant, an app for people in Argentina to protect their money from devaluation. Vibrant is built on the Stellar blockchain, an open network for storing and moving money, and is a project of the Stellar Development Foundation. Before working in the blockchain space, Morley was a Director of Engineering at the dating app OkCupid.
Edan Shahar, CEO Test Innovators
Edan Shahar, co-founder and CEO of Test Innovators, has extensive experience in the realms of technology and education. He has founded several technology companies which turn data into actionable insights. In founding Test Innovators, Edan combines his love of education with a passion for using technology and data to create superior methods to improve student learning.
Thomas Hopkins, VPE at Getro
Thomas Hopkins is the Engineering Manager at Getro, the platform for independent professional networks to easily make and receive introductions. Their customers include over 400 independent professional networks — like venture capital funds (Union Square Ventures), membership communities (Women 2.0) and government associations ( and have raised ~$4m in seed funding. Prior to Getro, Thomas was Lead Engineer for Strategic Projects at Conversocial where he developed software to simplify how brands communicate with their customers by combining human agents and bots in a single platform. Thomas holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Southampton in the UK and previously served as co-founder and co-chair of the London Pro European Forum - a network for local and national political organisations to collaborate on campaigns to improve ties between the UK and EU.
Randy Paris, CEO of Brewbike
CEO of Brewbike. We're changing the future of business for the future of us all. Booth MBA - finance and entrepreneurship. Obama Administration. Obama campaign '08 and '12. He won both.
Devon Townsend, CTO of Cameo
Devon Townsend, Co-Founder/CTO of Cameo. Devon Townsend is a co-founder of Cameo, the leading marketplace connecting fans directly with tens of thousands of pop culture personalities in the form of customized video messages, live video calls and direct messages. Launched by Townsend, Steven Galanis and Martin Blencowe in 2017, the Cameo platform has connected fans with tens of thousands of their favorite athletes, entertainers and other influencers, helped facilitate more than 1 million Cameo videos, and raised more than $1 million for a wide range of charities through its Cameo Cares program. Prior to Cameo, Townsend was a Vine influencer who regularly received DMs from fans asking for shout-outs to them and their friends, which helped shape the Cameo business model. Townsend holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Duke University and served as Cameo’s first Chief Technology Officer. He has received Forbes 30 Under 30 and Inc. 30 Under 30 honors in 2019 for his contributions to Cameo. Among Devons amazing achievements, his most impressive is being Mike's brother. ;-)
Jaclyn Curtis, COO of
Jaclyn went to Michigan State University to pursue a career in law. When she came to the realization that she didn't have to pay for law school to debate people on a daily basis, she added a second major, completing her B.A. in both Communication and Political Science - Pre-Law. Since then, she has worked in a variety of different roles in the tech industry, as both the customer and a vendor. This unique perspective has allowed her to bring empathy to the customer support process to ensure a first-class customer experience. Jaclyn joined the team as an Customer Success Manager at in early 2018 and now proudly supports as COO, where she is responsible for wrangling and organizing our team initiatives.
Prashant Salla, CEO of Fixmycar
He is the founder of FixMyCar, the fastest and easiest way to get your car fixed anywhere. According to his interview, he got customers from Craigslist where he got the mechanics and he created a mobile auto repair business that way. Now he is running the business of a mobile auto repair service dedicating in fixing your car repair problems.
Neil Smith, CEO of
Neil Smith is the CEO and founder of, an internet infrastructure startup that provides edge computing and internet exchange solutions across the United States. Before Neil started Prolo, he spent the last five years working in cloud computing where he served as the Director of Security Assurance for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Director of Red Teams for IBM Cloud. When not working on building a better internet, Neil spends his free time advocating for responsible public land management in his home state of Idaho. This will likely be a very technical conversation, as Neil is one of the smartest (and funniest) people I know. Join us!
Shawn Kumar, CEO of Rhythm360
Rhythm360 is a web app built for the specific needs of cardiology clinics. Medical staff can access patient information, schedule appointments, prescribe medication and write notes all whilst monitoring their patients pacemaker data in real time. Built to replace a clinician’s convoluted workflow, we designed an all-in-one solution focussed on convenience and speed. The overall goal was to give staff more time away from their screens so they could focus on providing stellar patient care.
Paula Varak, Senior recruiter
Today we will be interviewing a veteran recruiter who has placed hundreds of developers with companies in the US and Argentina. Recruiters are often the gateway to fantastic opportunities, so it's important to know how they work, what they look for and other pro tips that top candidates do well. She is a professional recruiter working at LIVY. She graduated with Business Administration degree major in Talent Management. She's a rockstar in sourcing, project management in LATAM region.
Jack Langworthy, CEO of Ninayo
Jack is building companies that benefit the East African agricultural sector. With NINAYO, smallholder farmers are able to own their harvests as a digital asset. This enables the farmer to store their harvest in a USSD wallet, and sell when the price is right. Resultantly, more food to reach markets at better prices in some of the most food insecure regions on earth. NINAYO's worked with WFP, USAID and the UN, and is soon partnering with some major cryptocurrencies to expand their service through staking.
Roundtable with Jose Soto, Quinntin Ruiz, Justin Hall, Jacob Peters
This week host Mike Townsend interviews 4 guests, all with impressive backgrounds in tech, education, and startups to discuss topics including 1. how international developers can be successful in US companies 2. strategies to sharpen your tech skills 3. what technologies are best to learn now 4. the best place to go for online free education 5. the future of education with Launch House. Jose Soto is a Lead Programmer at Tighten, a premier web development agency specializing in Laravel, Vue, and React. He is an educator at heart and loves to share his knowledge on youtube. Outside of coding, Jose loves to travel with his family, drink coffee, and play soccer. Quinntin Ruiz has created multiple ventures in the education space, including a coding and entrepreneurship bootcamp for college students. He’s currently working on Lectureless, a platform to create active learning experiences online. Justin Hall is a Program Manager at Apple and ex-organizer of the largest hackathon in Connecticut. He is motivated by tackling challenges and forming new connections and enjoys windsurfing, skiing, and community building. Jacob Peters, lifelong community builder and co-founder of Launch House.
Omar Bessa - Lessons from an Argentinian CTO
Omar has been the CTO of an Aerospace company, and a leader in the Buenos Aires development community. He's built 8 applications from scratch including a trading platform, game engine, compression algorithms, and even participated in a NFT project. We talk about the state of Argentinian development, the economy, and other opportunities for people to connect across the world.