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Connecting US companies with top remote developers.

At HireOtter, we are dedicated to connecting the best remote software developers in LATAM with top venture backed startups in Web3, Fintech, and other Saas related industries. We couldn’t do this without our amazing communities of 5K+ developers and 94+ local recruiting partners.

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Hiring Top Nearshore Developers

Grow up your remote engineering team faster
and with higher quality candidates.

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Start with a video call with a HireOtter team member! We want to get to know what you’re good at and what types of companies excite you most.

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Our clients are constantly searching for developers to join their growing teams and trust our team to find their ideal fit.

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Once hired, developers are permanent, long term, and fully different than anyone else.


Some of our 100+ clients

We work with some of the most ambitious people and meaningful companies.

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How it works

Introducing Grupo

Experience the transformative potential of collaborative learning and meaningful discussions. At HireOtter, we believe in the strength of community, and our exclusive Grupo platform is tailored to bring together software developers like you. Prepare yourself for moderated 90-minute calls, where peers dive deep into the most important topics that shape our industry.

  • Amplify Your Skills
  • Foster Collaboration
  • Professional Growth Opportunities
  • Stay Motivated and Inspired
  • Exclusive Events and Resources
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Tap into our South American network.

Our network of 4100+ screened developers and 55+ recruiters helps us find the best candidates. We host weekly podcasts, educational classes, and job promotions to add value beyond the introduction.