Meet the Otters

Since 2011, our founders have built multiple products, apps and services together, including a home care marketplace HomeHero, and raised collectively over $23 million in venture funding.

Our beginnings

Building businesses since 2011

When we're not screening developers for Otter, we interview founders on our podcasts Around the Coin and Behind Company Lines

Since entering the LA tech scene in 2011, we've met hundreds of developers and founders. We've raised over $20M in VC funding for past startups and have struggled with hiring technical talent. We built up a team of developers in Argentina that helped us succeed, and we now replicate that process for startups at a fraction of the cost of U.S. developers.

Meet the team

Friendly, fast, and fair.

Mike is an Ironman, active writer and host of "Around the Coin" payments podcast. He sold two tech companies (HomeHero and Zing) and founded a few others. He has attempted three Guinness World Records.

Mike Townsend

Founder & CEO

Julian is a Mexican-American who is deeply passionate about helping people of color get more exposure into the greater tech industry. You can find him working to help talented professionals land positions at tech companies big and small. He is also an avid basketball player, musician and comic book nerd.

Julian Torres

VP Client RELations

With a B.S. and Masters degree, Pray is a digital nomad who appreciates diversity and interconnectedness. He is an absolute hustler and leader at a young age, having worked in sales, customer support, and recruiting across multiple industries before joining Otter. Pray enjoys boxing in his spare time.

Pray Nadal

VP Talent relations

Ann is a marketer focusing on podcast and distribution. She leads editing and production of Around The Coin and Behind Company Lines podcasts. Ann brings her passion for video editing and social media management to the forefront, always striving for excellence in delivering results. She enjoys spending quality time with her kids in her free time.

Ann Marcaida

Candidate Sourcing

Godfrey is a computer-savvy guy with a knack for turning around projects quickly and efficiently. He's also a father, gamer, and loves touring around the city with his motorcycle.

Fry Ablen

technical recruiter

Heinz’s passion in communication and his personal mission that is to be of help and support to others propel him to perform the tasks assigned to him at work everyday. He has a degree in Industrial/Personnel Psychology. In the past, he was a recruitment marketing and communications specialist in an IT consulting and a customer management center. A frequent traveler as a local tourist before the pandemic, Heinz dreams to travel the whole world.

Heinz Alvarez

technical recruiter

Maria is a Technical Recruiter with more than 10 years of experience in Customer Service. Working with different companies all through her career helped her improve her interpersonal skills. She is a hard-working mother of two and enjoys spending time with her pets in her free time.

Maria Estrada

technical recruiter

We always love talking to ambitious people. If you are interested in the future of remote work in South America, we would love to talk to you! 

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Our network of 1500+ screened developers and recruiters helps us find the best candidates. We host weekly podcasts, educational classes, and job promotions to add value beyond the introduction.