Measure twice,
cut once

We believe the world is rapidly connecting
and anyone anywhere can become a world-class
contributor. True diversity comes from a global team.


We have experience using a wide variety of languages and frameworks.

We can recruit developers for almost any project. The easiest languages to find are PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Lua, iOS, Android, Golang (Go) and Javascript. Below are some platforms we recommend.


Laravel is the #1 PHP framework with elegant syntax and strong open source community.


Vue.js is a frontend model JavaScript framework for building applications.


React (like Vue) is a JavaScript framework for building single-page applications.


Build a powerful ecommerce store on Shopify with hundreds of payment methods.


Build a peer-to-peer crypto exchange on Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash blockchain with


Apple's iOS 13 operating system is the base language for all apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.


Google-owned Android is the most popular framework in the world for phones and tablets.


MySQL is a relational database management system built for scale, security and uptime.


For big companies with larger storage requirements, we recommend AWS.

We lower the time, costs and risks of hiring great developers.

We charge for engineering work by the hour, at a fraction of the cost of U.S. developers. We're confident we can find a vetted, experienced Otter developer for any web or mobile project within a few days.

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A staff augmentation agency connecting tech startups with Argentinian developers.