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  • Extensive list of jobs to choose from
  • Lifelong 15% commission for every hired candidate
  • Payouts in USD or Bitcoin, monthly.
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Recruiting partner

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Step 1
Dive in and Join the Fun!

Ready to make a splash in the world of tech recruitment? All you need to do is sign up, review our Recruiter Revenue Share Agreement Form and let's start building a long-lasting partnership. As a HireOtter partner, you'll earn 15% of our profit for every candidate you place, forever. That's a deal you won't find anywhere else in the industry.

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Make a Splash with the Otters!

When you join, you'll gain access to a private Telegram Group with our founding team, a personal dashboard, and extremely responsive support. You'll be part of an exclusive community of recruiters, all working together to build our talent pool with the best software developers.

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Submit, Relax, and Earn!

We've got your back when it comes to the recruitment process. All you need to do is submit qualified candidates and leave the rest to us. We'll handle profile reviews, interview training, and negotiations, while you sit back and relax. You'll have real-time updates on your dashboard, and earn your commission monthly, in USD or Bitcoin.

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Frequently asked questions

What's an External Recruiting Partner?
An External Recruiting Partner is a Technical Recruiter working remotely with HireOtter, like a friendly Otter swimming alongside us. Or, it can also be a group of recruiters working together, submitting candidates to open jobs and earning commission as a team.
How do I access the Job Board?
After you sign up, we'll send you the link to the Job Board, where you can see all the open opportunities we have and start matching your qualified candidates.

Each job comes with a video, so you can watch and learn all the specifics of the role. It's like having an all-access pass to the best jobs in the industry.
Can I customize the Job Board view?
Of course! As a public view, you have the freedom to arrange the jobs according to rates, priority, open candidates, etc.

But, keep in mind once you refresh the page, it will be back to its default settings. But don't worry, it's still a great view.
Can you give me more details about the Salary Range for each job?
Absolutely, our clients evaluate candidate's rates based on tenure, skills, and personality. Here at HireOtter, we use dollar increments to set the range of salary per hour for each role we have.

$ = < $30 per hour
$$ = < $50 per hour
$$$ = < $75 per hour
$$$$ = < $100 per hour
$$$$$ = > $100 per hour

And don't worry, we'll let you know if the job is flexible or strict on salary requirements.
How do we avoid submitting duplicate profiles?
Excellent question! Sometimes a candidate you sourced may already be in our database. In that case, our system will notify you and it won't count towards your submission.

But don't worry, you will still receive referral payments for anyone new you submit to us, regardless of when they get hired. Use the checker that will be shared to you once you signed up, to look up whether a candidate is already in our database by checking their email address.

What happens after I sign up?
First, you can sign up here. Next, you'll get an email with a link to our contract and a link to book a call with us.

Then, we'll set up a group Telegram account and provide you with all the links, so the process of submitting, tracking, and getting paid is crystal clear. It's that simple!
What happens after I submit and schedule a candidate for a call?
Once you submit a candidate, our HireOtter internal team will take over. They'll speak with the candidate, prepare them for a client interview, and answer any questions they may have.

Then, we'll schedule the candidate for an interview at the company. It's like having a personal HireOtter guide to help navigate the process.
What does it mean when a candidate needs to complete their profile?
Once a candidate is qualified, they'll be advised to complete their profile before we submit them to our clients. It consists of three checklists:

1. Video Introduction (optional)
2. Technical Quiz
3. Two email addresses of References
Are candidates notified when their application is closed?
Yes, they are. Every candidate that is declined, regardless of the reasons (closed job, client passed, unresponsive, rate mismatch, etc.) will be notified. We believe in transparency and keeping everyone in the loop.
Where should I focus my sourcing?
On our job board, there are two columns that can help you figure out where to start and what to focus on your sourcing:

- Priority: this column shows the measure of how urgently we need a candidate for the role. (10 stars = top priority)

- Open Candidates: this column shows the exact number of candidates who've applied already. This gives you a sense of how competitive it is.

Like an Otter diving for the best catch, focus on the roles with high priority and fewer open candidates.

Let's make waves together!

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