Why Asking Questions During a Job Interview Important

Heinz Alvarez

“Do you have any questions for me?”

Most of the time, that is practically the last question interviewers ask their applicants. Recall the job interviews you had in the past. I am sure you were asked that question. And I said “practically” because they do it on purpose.

As an interviewing recruiter for quite some time now, I do appreciate applicants who ask questions. Asking questions will help you clarify matters that are important to you. And, asking questions remind recruiters to check their check lists to make sure they are not forgetting anything for the interview. It is therefore a win-win situation.

The question is - what are the types of questions that are good to ask during job interviews? In an article published online by Chegg CareerMatch, a good question is (1) that gives you a final opportunity to prove that you’re a good fit by showing the interviewer that you prepared for the interview and put thought into your question; and (2) that lets you find out if this role is the right fit for you. In short, a good question helps you develop a better understanding of whether you’ll be happy in this role, at this company. 

Ask questions about the role that aren’t mentioned in the job description. Ask about the company based on your preferences. The mindset that an interview is a “conversation versus interrogation” will make you feel relaxed and confident to ask your questions. At all times, just make sure to be polite in asking your questions.

Speaking of being polite in asking your questions, did you know that there are matters that you should avoid asking about? In the same article, salary, benefits, time offs, and promotions are topics that you have to delay asking about. Remember that the job interview is there so that you’ll have an opportunity to check whether the job matches your skills, work experiences, educational background, and personality; also, so that you’ll have a glimpse if the company has the environment that you prefer. In short, let your interviewer bring the conversation to where you can already discuss those matters.

So, the next time you are to attend a job interview, take the time to think about the questions you need answers for. I promise you, asking questions politely helps, and can make you “remarkable” to interviewing recruiters.