What To Do Pre and Post Job Interview

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To conclude this How to Ace a Job Interview series, here’s what to do before and after a job interview.

Before A Job Interview

In an article published online by Indeed Editorial Team, the following must-do’s will improve your comfort and will increase your confidence for your upcoming job interview. I took the liberty of selecting ten tips for you. First, research about the company to know the nature of their business, their successes, and exciting information about the company. Second, prepare a set of questions that will clarify things for you as interviewers appreciate them. Third, conduct a “mock interview” by writing down possible questions and answering them naturally, or by having someone who plays as your interviewer. Fourth, eat healthy an hour before your job interview for your mental and physical strength. Fifth, “dress for the role” to look prepared. Sixth, face-to-face interview or virtual, make sure to be on time. Seventh, avoid distractions for the duration of the interview - silent your phone and the like. And finally, consider impactful stories from your previous position.

After The Job Interview

Let me share with you eight things to do after attending a job interview. I got these items from an article published online by Business Insider. First, thank your interviewer and ask how you should follow up. Second, get your interviewer’s contact information politely in case it is one way to make a follow up on the status of your job application. Third, get some physical distance so you could manage your emotions properly - drop by a coffee shop if you will - and analyze how you did. Fourth, assess how you felt about the company. Fifth, if applicable, ask your headhunter to make a follow up for you too. Sixth, connect with your interviewer on LinkedIn; and seventh, write a good “thank you” message.

And finally, keep up with the search even if you think you “killed it”.And there you go! We wish you good luck with your next job search.

Here at Otter Labs, we hope that this series entitled How to Ace a Job Interview has been helpful to everyone.

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