Top 10 Suggested Tricks to Find Best Developers

Pray Nadal

1. Make sure to reach out to software engineering forums and communities, such as Reddit, Stack Overflow, and Quora. This can help you get answers from experienced engineers and industry veterans who can offer advice on how to do a good job of sourcing candidates. You can also post questions or requests on these forums, which will give you access to information that might otherwise be unavailable. 

2. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to source potential software engineers. You can search for software engineers based on their skills, experience, and locations. When looking at profiles of potential candidates, pay special attention to the projects they've worked on in the past and any awards or recognition they may have received. This will give you a better idea of the quality of work they are capable of producing.

3. Take advantage of professional networking sites such as GitHub, Hacker News, Stack Exchange, Dribbble and Behance to find potential software engineers for hire. These websites enable employers to view portfolios and examples of code written by developers so that you can evaluate whether their experience and skill set match your requirements before making contact with them. 

4. Look into open-source projects that have been posted online by experienced software engineers who are willing to collaborate with others on joint projects or use the code they’ve built as part of their own applications and products. Open source projects can often be found by searching GitHub or other code repositories online; this is an excellent way to find high-quality developers who are motivated and passionate about coding even if it isn't necessarily their day job. 

5. Attend hackathons or other technology events in order to meet experienced professionals face-to-face while getting an insight into what type of work they’ve done in the past, what challenges they have faced during development cycles, as well as any other important information that could influence your decision when recruiting a new software engineer for your team. 

6. Leverage recruiters with expertise in IT staffing solutions as well as specialized recruiters for specific companies such as Google or Microsoft who know where and how to source great talent quickly without having to spend too much time searching through resumes yourself—saving both money and valuable resources in the process! 

7. Look for recommendations from current employees who may already have contacts in the industry; ask them if there are any people from their network whom they would highly recommend for a certain position at your company based on their experience or skill set – this could save time down the line since you already have references backing up that particular candidate's credentials! 

8. Utilize various job boards specifically designed for tech professionals such as AngelList or Dice which allow employers/recruiters to post jobs quickly while simultaneously connecting them with thousands of qualified applicants within minutes—a great way to ensure that only high-caliber individuals apply for positions within your organization! 

9. Research specific universities known for having strong engineering departments; many top universities regularly update their list of alumni who graduated with degrees related to computer science, software engineering etc., allowing employers/recruiters easy access when trying to locate talent from these institutions without having too much trouble tracking them down individually themselves!  

10. Finally take full advantage of technology conferences where thousands of eager developers attend annually looking for new opportunities—many also end up being hired directly off site by attending companies after presenting their skills during presentations given at such events!