Master Your LinkedIn Profile and Read About the Company

Heinz Alvarez

This month, let’s talk about how to ace a job interview. It is going to be a four-part series of articles. Today, we’ll have part one - master your LinkedIn profile and read about the company.

Nowadays, aside from updating your resume, it is extremely helpful that you update your LinkedIn profile as well. LinkedIn has become the number one source of candidates whenever a recruiter is hiring for a role. If you have Instagram as your page to publicly share glimpses of your lifestyle, LinkedIn is for your professional networking activities. Make sure to always have your information updated on it, especially if you are actively looking.

Once done updating your information on your LinkedIn profile, master them. Yes, you heard it right - master your professional information. During the interview, particularly when it’s the technical part, the recruiter’s questions will revolve around your work experiences - the length of each work history you had, details about the roles and responsibilities you handled, the skills that you practiced, the technologies you used, and how you contributed to the team. It is extremely important that you know them by heart because it will help you express and impress the interviewer at the same time.

After a good review of your professional information, it is time for you to research the company you are targeting. You need not to know everything about it, but at least you make yourself aware about the nature of its business, how established they are, available employee feedback about them, and the milestones or awards they have had so far. Finally, asked or not, you would be able to leave a mark to the interviewer if you are able to beautifully share the reason you want to be part of the company.