Keep Calm and Enjoy the Conversation

Heinz Alvarez

Do you still remember how you felt during your first ever job interview? I am sure that many felt too nervous because first time interviews can be nerve-wracking. You know what (?), it is okay; and actually, it is normal to feel anxious every time you are attending a job interview.

In an article, Indeed Editorial Team, shares “A common reason people get nervous during a job interview is in response to the fear of being unprepared for questions.”. Practically speaking though, even if we prepare for a job interview, we’ll still feel anxious to some extent, because it is in human nature to have fear of the unknown and of rejection for many. The good news is - there are ways to calm your nerves before and during job interviews.

Megan Richardson, Lead Career Advancement Trainer at Goodwill Central Texas, in her article, shares that before a job interview, you have to (one) prepare yourself. Part 1 of this How to Ace a Job Interview series mentioned that mastering your LinkedIn profile (because questions will revolve around it) and researching about the company will help. Second, plan your day around the interview. Request to have your interview on the time of the day when your brain functions at its best, do not schedule strenuous activities before it, and have plenty of sleep the night before. Third, eat breakfast - both your body and your mind will require energy on that day. Fourth, talk to a family or a friend for moral support and (fifth) take a walk outdoors for some fresh air, which is good for mental health and positive neurochemicals.

Now here’s what you can do to calm yourself during a job interview: first, try the S.T.O.P. method (S stands for STOP whatever it is that you are trying to do on the side. T stands for TAKE a few deep breaths. O stands for OBSERVE your emotions and thoughts and understand why you feel those things. And, P stands for PROCEED with the intention to incorporate those observations into your following actions), which aims to help you be in “the now”. Second, focus on your breathing and pause before you speak. That will keep your mind from wandering and your emotions from spiraling. Third, remember that you are just having a conversation and not an interrogation. And lastly, show confidence.

I am positive that if you follow these ways before and during a job interview, plus keeping an optimistic attitude, you will be able to calm your nerves and you will be able to ace your job interview.