How to Write a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Career Development

Nowadays, to have a LinkedIn profile is a necessity, professionally speaking. If you maintain an Instagram account to share your lifestyle, LinkedIn is your best friend to show your progress in your professional life, particularly if you are open to better opportunities outside of your current company. That is the reason it is important that you know how to write a strong LinkedIn Profile.

Jane Deehan, senior content marketing manager at LinkedIn in an article shared tips on how you can stand out by writing a strong LinkedIn profile.

Profile and background photos. Your profile photo is your calling card on LinkedIn - make sure that your photo is recent and looks like you. Wear at least smart casual and smile with your eyes. In terms of your background photo, make sure that it will grab people’s attention - it sets the context and shows a little more about what matters to you.

Headline and summary. There’s no strict rules but make sure that it is more than just your job title - share how you see your role, why you do what you do, and what makes you inspired. In writing your summary, tell your story - share how passionate you are with your current role; tell what you were doing prior to your job at present; and have fun in mentioning your interests outside work and how your colleague would describe you as a person.

Work experiences. Recent should be on top. Provide details and mention how you contributed to the successes of the team. It is also good to list down the technologies, tools, methodologies and processes you used.

Grow your network. Send connection requests to fellow professionals who are active on LinkedIn and who you think you can learn from. Also accept connection requests from people you think can be a great addition to your network. Remember that the quality of your LikedIn world will depend on who you are connected to in the LinkedIn universe.

Stay engaged. Now, creating a LinkedIn profile is one; being active is the next important thing. Engage in great conversations by commenting, like-ing, and sharing informative and timely contents. Also post original contents within your expertise and interests regularly at least once a week.

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