How is it like to Live a Life of a Recruiter?

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A recruiter’s life can be very busy. To be more specific, daily schedule at work can be more hectic than the usual, particularly when there are urgent roles to fill, and when there are many jobs to source, interview, assess, and endorse for. Because of that observing work-life balance is extremely important for recruiters to avoid burnout. 

Work-life balance is defined in Cambridge Dictionary as “the amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy”. In other words, it is finding the right balance between work and personal life. The question is “how”?

I have been in the recruiting field for over 20 years now and here’s what I find helpful in avoiding exhaustion at work and because of work:

1. Mindset and work attitude.

We all have different motivations, which propel the way we perform at work. In my case, I go deeper and would remind myself of my “why’s” - the reasons I am working. At the same time, I look at myself as an important part of the team - that my contribution impacts the business, and that the quality of my relationships with coworkers affects the team. With the right mindset and attitude, work becomes more enjoyable.

2. Maintain a good daily schedule of activities.

There are a lot of published researches with recommendations that promote “quality life at work”. The most effective for me is maintaining a good daily schedule of activities. Knowing how your day at work should go and sticking to the schedule makes you more organized and more productive. And when you know that you’ve been productive, you feel good about yourself.

3. Unplug and unwind.

Does your work schedule say 9 to 5? Then work stops at 5 PM. Working smart and applying tip number 2 will help you achieve this. Unplug at 5 PM, go, and do other things that make you happy - going to the gym, running, biking, watering the plants, playing with your pet, spending quality time with your family, and what have you. One thing that helps me feel excited throughout the week too is looking forward to the weekend, especially if I was able to schedule an activity that will help me unwind. It does not have to be fancy; but activities that helps you relax will also help you to destress everything that you have acquired from that week, and it will also help you prepare your mind and body for the coming weeks.

A recruiter’s life can be very busy. But it can be extremely enjoyable too! Work-life balance is the key. Hope that helps!

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