How Does a Recruiter Find You as a Rockstar Candidate?

Career Development

To find a rockstar candidate is a recruiter’s everyday wish. In layman’s term, “rockstar candidate” means that job applicant that possesses everything a recruiter is looking for when it comes to work history, achievements, abilities, communication skills, education, and “salability”. It is no different than how others traditionally call it a “star candidate”.

Work history covers related job experiences. The more recent a candidate’s related hands-on experiences are, the better. How long a candidate generally stays in his previous companies also matters. And it does not stop there - recruiters who are committed to their clients’ success always look for achievements.

Abilities answer the question “can he technically, realistically, and practically do the job?”. And most of the time, a recruiter doesn’t only look for a “yes” as an answer to that question. They like to know the “intensity” of each ability that the candidate has. On the other hand, communication skills can wow a recruiter. A candidate’s command in the language and level of comprehension make it easier for a recruiter to capture every piece of information he needs from the interview.

Now, in job descriptions, exact education may or may not be listed. But the truth is many recruiters prefer or even require education that is related to the job they are hiring for. If they are hiring for a Software Developer, then it is a big plus if the candidate has a degree in software development, computer science, or mobile development.

Last but certainly not the least as it means the “overall package” of a candidate is salability. Aside from the candidate’s work history, achievements, abilities, communication skills, and education, does he have the right personality for the job, the right attitude towards work and his peers, and the flexibility to blend in any culture fit? If the answer is a “yes”, then the recruiter has just found himself a new hire.

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