How can I Trust a Recruiting Agency?

Career Development

Hiring the right people is hard. Founders spend many hours putting on their recruiting hat to build the team that will take their product from zero to one hundred - real quick. The issue with spending time recruiting, is that their time is better used for building their product roadmap and talking to investors to continue growing.

That’s where recruiting agencies come in. Spending hours building relationships with potential employees, recruiting teams are extremely important for saving founders the time and effort. But with so many out there, how do you trust just one?

Three questions to ask when evaluating agencies:

  1. What companies have they worked with in the past?
  2. What do their candidate profiles look like?
  3. How do they measure a successful relationship with a client?

The first two are obvious. Question one states credibility. Question two is an example of how they screen candidates. But question three will predict how the agency will treat you as a customer.

For example, if they just measure outcomes then there will be more variability in quality. But if they focus on speed of submissions and percentage of interviews per submission, then it shows they value the quality of their candidates and the time a customer spends interviewing candidates.

And remember, no one has time to interview day after day when there is product to be built and money to be raised.

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