August 26, 2021

Roundtable with Jose Soto, Quinntin Ruiz, Justin Hall, Jacob Peters

This week host Mike Townsend interviews 4 guests, all with impressive backgrounds in tech, education, and startups to discuss topics including 1. how international developers can be successful in US companies 2. strategies to sharpen your tech skills 3. what technologies are best to learn now 4. the best place to go for online free education 5. the future of education with Launch House.

Jose Soto is a Lead Programmer at Tighten, a premier web development agency specializing in Laravel, Vue, and React. He is an educator at heart and loves to share his knowledge on youtube. Outside of coding, Jose loves to travel with his family, drink coffee, and play soccer.

Quinntin Ruiz has created multiple ventures in the education space, including a coding and entrepreneurship bootcamp for college students. He’s currently working on Lectureless, a platform to create active learning experiences online.

Justin Hall is a Program Manager at Apple and ex-organizer of the largest hackathon in Connecticut. He is motivated by tackling challenges and forming new connections and enjoys windsurfing, skiing, and community building.

Jacob Peters, lifelong community builder and co-founder of Launch House.

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