Since 2011, our founders have started 4 companies together, raised over $23 million in venture funding, and exited two companies.

We've had the chance to meet and hire dozens of senior-level developers, especially in Argentina. After selling our home care business HomeHero in 2018, we started Redeeem to allow people to trade gift cards for cryptocurrencies. We grew it to profitability and started accepting client projects soon after.

Kyle Hill (left), Mike Townsend (right)

With a surplus of qualified developers, we realized perhaps our biggest contribution to the tech world was helping other US tech startups recruit, screen and hire great developers. We're focusing on Argentina for primary 3 reasons:

  1. Top ranked country for technical talent
  2. Top ranked country for english fluency
  3. Inflation has created a very favorable exchange rate

On top of all that, Argentina is south of the United States, and the timezone is only a few hours ahead, as opposed to Indian or Asian developers.

Why did we choose "Otter"?

Otter is a web & mobile development agency that helps tech startups by augmenting engineering teams with remote developers from Argentina.

The mission at Otter is to connect Argentinian developers to job opportunities at U.S. tech companies.

Otters are cooperative, creative, and cute. Otters are one of the few animals that have mastered tools to solve problems, and they make it look easy. We believe the otter spirit knows how to get things done, and at the same time enjoy life.

Our Instagram account (@hireotter) is full of adorable otters and the occasional product tip.

An adorable otter

Otter has feet on the ground in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our founder, Alex Vazquez, is Argentinian American, and currently living in Buenos Aires leading our recruitment efforts. Alex is our secret weapon.

Alex is a product manager, QA engineer and technical recruiter with deep roots in Buenos Aires. He is Agile and Scrum Master Certified with 8+ years experience. 

Argentina's economy is in a crisis (and labor is cheap)

If you bought $100 USD worth of Argentinian Pesos ten years ago, you'd have $5 today. The reasons for this are multifaceted, but the end result is the people of Argentina have have suffered and are in need of job opportunities.

Another result of this collapse is USD buying power has increased. A US startup founder can expect to pay $35/hour for a Argentinian developer compared to $72/hour for a developer based in California, a 100% difference!

Argentina has the best technical talent

The challenge every startup faces is finding great, affordable developers. Argentina is a fantastic place to look because it's the top ranked country for technical talent by Coursera.

Ranking of technical talent by country:

Obviously I'm biased, but I've worked with engineers in many countries, and Argentina really does stand head and shoulders above others. The people take pride in their work, and it shows.

Argentines have the best English across Latin America

Q: What do you call someone who speaks two languages?  

A: Bilingual

Q: What do you call someone who speaks one language?

A: American

Having grown up in America, I'm amazed and jealous towards people who speak multiple languages fluently (I can barely manage one). Argentines are the most fluent English speakers in Latin America, according to the English Proficiency Index. This reality is even more pronounced across educated software developers.

English Proficiency Index across Latin America

Argentina is on (nearly) the same timezone as the East Coast

Argentina does not recognize daylight savings, they're way ahead of their time ;-).

During daylight savings time (November - March) Argentina is only 2 hours ahead of Eastern Time, and for the rest of the year it's only a 1 hour difference.

This is a huge advantage over developers in India and Asian.

We pay your developers in Bitcoin

A major challenge for people of Argentina is stable, reliable banking services. Many people in Buenos Aires drive hours to Uruguay to deposit every paycheck.

When you hire Otter, you pay in USD, and we pay the developers in crypto. These cryptocurrency payments enable your developers to get paid immediately, and hold stable coins like USDC, Tether, or DAI with no risk of inflation (a major value proposition they will love you for!)

Stable currencies 

Send us an email, we'd love to chat is my email, if you connect with any part of our mission, I'd love to connect with you. Please do send me a message introducing yourself.